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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Looking for an exhilarating flight experience? Then check out our amazing range of flight lessons and experiences!

If you’re looking for a unique gift we also offer a range of gift vouchers.

From gliding to aerobatics, we offer a wide variety of aviation experiences at select locations. Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting an experience to a loved one, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Scroll down for more information on our one-of-a-kind aircraft experiences.


Unique and memorable flying experiences

We’re Lee and Ashleigh and we’d like to welcome you to Air Experiences, a dedicated flying experiences website run by pilots and offering the full range of aviation experience days, from aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders to vintage aircraft and even aerobatics. You can read more about us and how we came to found Air Experiences here.

e know how expensive flying can be and we aim to offer the most competitive prices to give you an affordable way to experience the pleasure of flying while taking in spectacular views of the UK skies. We also have a range of gift vouchers so you can treat a loved one to this incredible experience. We’ve worked hard to negotiate the best deals from flying schools across the country, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best prices available.

We offer everything from light aircraft flying lessons to gliding experiences, helicopter flights to aerobatics. If you’re looking for something extra special and fancy taking a step back in aviation history, we even offer flights in vintage aircraft such as the majestic de Havilland Tiger Moth. We’re pretty sure you’ll find the perfect gift by browsing our site, but if there’s a flying experience you want to do that you can’t find here, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Happy Customers

“What a tremendous experience. The whole package was really enjoyable from start to finish. Lee is a top man and made me feel at ease. Really experienced pilot. I would definitely recommend. I will be going back.”

Paul Edwards

Happy Customers

“Thank you for my gliding flight today – it was great fun and highly recommended! Also thanks to Nigel for his patience with me whilst taking the controls.”

Sam Moule


“This was a birthday present for my hubby. His words ‘stunning best thing I have ever done’. He has even said it is top of his list to go back there for lessons, if he wins the lottery! Lee is a smashing bloke.”

Sam Moule

Flying Locations

Explore some of our UK flying locations below and book your flying experience today, our experiences can be booked as a gift with a 10 month time slot.

We currently operate out of four locations where you can experience breath taking scenery from the sky such as Goodwood or the great cliffs of Dover


If you’re in South Wales, Cardiff  provides the perfect space for your first flying lesson or experience. If you’re interested in a Cardiff flying experience, check out our range of light aircraft flight lessons!


If you fancy seeing the stunning Devon countryside from above, take a look at our Devon motor-glider experience. A motor-glider is a cross between an aeroplane and a glider. It looks like a regular aeroplane, but the long wings mean you can switch the engine off and gracefully soar through the sky.


If you’re looking for a breathtaking view of the countryside, consider taking our Swansea flight experience. This unique experience eperience will allow you to enjoy the stunning beauty of Swansea from a whole new perspective with our flight experience adventure.




Oxford, or the “City of Dreaming Spires” as it’s commonly known, provides the perfect place for a flying lesson. This world-famous, prestigious 12th-century university city is unmissable, especially from a birdseye view!

Duxford / Cambridgeshire

For the ultimate flight lesson or experience, there’s no better place than Duxford! With a wealth of history of British aviation and air combat planes dating back to World War I, Duxford is not to be missed!

Warwickshire & West Midlands

Our unique flight experiences of Warwickshire & the West Midlands flight experiences vary, but all offer a unique perspective of the region’s landscapes and landmarks.

North/South London

North and South London offer distinct experiences, from trendy neighborhoods to historic landmarks, including the RAF Bulldog, a British trainer aircraft that was used in the Royal Air Force.

Our Flying Experiences

Flying lessons

If you want to get into the cockpit and learn to fly your own aircraft, our flying day lessons are for you! If you’re looking to obtain your Private Pilot License, then a flying lesson is the perfect opportunity for you to get some experience under your belt and learn the fundamentals of flying a benefit you don’t get from flight simulators.

Group flying experience days

If you and a group of thrill-seeking friends are looking for some fun in the air, take a look at our group flying experiences. Experience the excitement of flying over a beautiful location with your friends for a day that none of you will forget!

Glider flights

If you don’t fancy the noise that comes with a powered plane, take a look at our gliding experiences, where you won’t need to don a headset but can still take to the skies for an unforgettable experience.

With our gliding lessons, you can enjoy the breathtaking views across the English countryside, such as Devon. Not only that, but you’ll get the opportunity to get behind the controls yourself.

Aerobatic experiences

For the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled day, check out our aerobatic experiences! The perfect gift for a thrill-seeker, you can roll, spin, and loop your way across one of many stunning UK locations.

You’ll have first-hand experience of G-force, and on our longer one-hour flights, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to perform aerobatic manoeuvres yourself if you want to!

Vintage flying experiences

Take a step back in time with our vintage aviation experiences! From an original 1920s Boeing Stearman to a Chipmunk or a Dragon Rapide, experience the ultimate vintage flight an iconic aircraft of the past. Maybe have a go at some aerobatics too!

Helicopter rides

If planes aren’t your thing, take a look at our helicopter rides. Our helicopter experiences offer some of the most fun and enjoyable times in the air.

You can’t beat the excitement of being thousands of feet in the sky and seeing lots of amazing sights with a perfect birdseye view!

Yellow Tiger Moth Flying

We can help you to find and book the perfect flight experience for any occasion such as a birthday or a unique group wedding celebration. We have a range of gift vouchers available.

Our flying experiences are perfect for…

  • Special birthday gifts
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Families and friends
  • Wedding Celebrations
  • Flying enthusiasts
  • Adrenaline experience seekers
  • Anyone looking for an unforgettable experience
We have an air experience to suit all levels of thrill seekers from flying lessons to aerobatic flying experiences so you can spend the day like a Red Arrow we have a range of experiences for everyone. Our flights are planned to fly over some of the most breathtaking views and scenery throughout the UK including some of the most iconic views throughout Wales.

Browse all of our experiences online and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and experience some of the most iconic views in the UK.

If you are a thrill-seeker, then say no more. We have a selection of aerobatic and helicopter experiences to satisfy all types of thrill seekers.

For those of you who have an eye for the past, we have a wide range of vintage flying experiences such as the dragon rapide flight over Cambridge. You could even take flight in the historically famous Spitfire, the hero of the Battle of Britain.

Flying FAQ’s

How long are the flight experiences?

Most flights last for anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour. You get to choose how long you’re in the air, so each flight experience can be tailored to your preference.

Are the flying experiences suitable for the whole family?

Yes, our flight lessons and experiences are the perfect family day out as they’ll be able to watch and take photos of you as you soar and fly through the skies!

Which locations offer flights in vintage aircraft?

Our vintage flights are offered in the following locations:

      • Duxford
      • Bicester Airfield

How much flying will I get to do during a lesson?

The amount of flying you’ll get to do will depend on the duration you choose. Initially, your flight instructor will show you how the controls work before you set off. Then, once you’re in the sky, you’re experienced pilot will hand over and let you have a go yourself.

How much experience do you need to fly a plane?

To take a flying lesson you do do not need to have any experience in a plan. You can speak to us about any nerves you have about your first flying lesson.

What is the best flying experience?

There a range of flying experiences you can choose on depending on your location and the type of flying experience you’re interesting in taking. We offer a range of unique flight experiences from Wales, Devon & Cambridgeshire including a range of unique flying lessons.

What is a flight experience?

A flight experience is your chance to experience parts of the UK scenery by air. Typically, you’ll be sat in the flight cab with an experienced flight pilot who will take you up in the air and give you a guided tour over some of the most prominent places in the UK.

How do I get flight experience?

You can book a flight experience online through our online platform that can then be redeemed to use at any of core locations throughout the UK and used on a range of unique plane planes including the classic Tiger Moth