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The great thing about today’s camera technology is that it’s easier than ever before to capture memorable footage from the cockpit. Today we’re sharing our favourite videos taken by pilots, all of which show just how incredible the experience of flying is. In no particular order…

1. Flying is…
Filmed in America in a number of different terrains, this breathtaking video filmed in a light aircraft really captures the beauty of seeing the world from up above.

2. Why We Fly
This incredible video takes you on a sweeping aerial journey through the mountains of New Zealand.

3. Lauren Richardson – Airshows Promo 2015
It seems a while since we interviewed awesome aviatrix Lauren Richardson, but as this trailer shows, she’s still going from strength to strength performing drop-dropping aerobatics in her little red Pitts Special biplane.

4. Lord Sugar flies a Spitfire
If you read our post on celebrity pilots, you’ll know that Lord Sugar is a pilot. In this brilliant segment from The One Show, he takes to the skies in one of the most iconic vintage aircraft of all time – the Spitfire.

5. Gliding video
Messing around in high performance gliders – a bit more of a hair-raising gliding experience than most will ever have!

6. The Gliding Dream
If you needed any more proof of the awesomeness of gliding, check out this stunning video, which was filmed in the Alps.

7. Camera falls from a plane
This is what happens when you don’t hold on tightly enough to your camera when you’re out flying!

8. Gliding in the Snow
Another gliding video! This one shows how beautiful it can be to go flying in the winter.

9. Cabri G2 Flight Display
You can do aerobatics in helicopters too… though it’s best left to professionals like these guys!

10. Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly the awesome flying machine that is the Eurofighter Typhoon? It’s a flight most of us can only dream of experiencing, but this video – filmed from the back seat – is the next best thing.

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