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Questions answered

What do I get in the post?
If you purchase a physical voucher, you will receive a voucher, gold presentation envelope, and an instruction leaflet on how to book your experience. E-vouchers will be sent out via email soon after you place your order, but please note that we process all our vouchers manually, so you will not receive your voucher as an instant download.
Can I customise my voucher with a personal message?
Yes, you’re welcome to write a short message to the person you’re giving the voucher to. Just include your message in the comments box when you place your order and we’ll do the rest.
How long are vouchers valid?
Vouchers are valid for 10 months from the date of purchase. Vouchers are not refundable, but are transferable to another name. If you still have no one available to take your flight then we can suggest a number of worthy charities who would be delighted to accept the donation of a flight.
How to extend your voucher [info needed]
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Flight Experience

Where do your flying experiences take place?
Our experiences take place at airfields all over the country. Not all experiences are available at all locations, so please check the ‘locations’ tab on each page to see where a particular voucher is valid.
Is there anything I need to bring with me on the day of my flight?
The most important item to bring is your voucher, as without this we cannot conduct the flight. You may wish to bring a camera and sunglasses. Layers of warm clothing are recommended (airfields are normally very hot or very cold, due to being in open spaces). Please remember to wear flat shoes, ideally the pair you find most comfortable, and skirts/dresses are not advisable.
Are there any medical restrictions?
Our main rule for conducting a trial lesson is that you must be able to get yourself in and out of the aircraft unassisted. If you have a severe heart condition, are pregnant or have another form of disability, then we advise you call us first.
Can I take a friend?
On the ground: Yes, you’re welcome to bring friends and family along to watch.
Flying: You may be able to upgrade your flight to take a friend with you in the back seat (this may incur an extra charge). However, you’ll need to contact the participating airfield to check whether or not this will be possible. We recommend you mention this when booking.
Can I upgrade my flight to a larger aircraft?
It may be possible (for an additional charge) to upgrade your flight to a 4-seater for helicopters and most powered aircraft. Please call us and we’ll arrange this for you.
How long will my flight be?
All flights are classed as ‘choc to choc’, which means that when the wheels start moving, the clock starts clicking. For example, a 30-minute flying lesson will normally involve at least 25 minutes in the air, but this can be affected by air traffic control and other aircraft flying around, which may restrict the instructor. We will always endeavour to maximise your airtime whenever possible.