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Flight Experiences for Couples

Couples Flying Experinces 

Take to the skies with our couple’s flight experience, and discover some of England’s beautiful countryside. You may see some of the UK’s most iconic stately homes, landmarks and glorious landscapes. This unique experience will allow you and your partner to take to the sky in one of our four-seater aeroplanes which is a great way to share your flying experience. The front-seat passenger will get hands-on flying experience in this duel-controlled training aircraft. If you both want to experience flying from the front seat, why not book two 30-minute flights as we will need to land before unbuckling and swapping seats.

Many airfields operate using 4-seater aircraft usually Piper PA28’s or Cessna 172’s. Both are very well-known popular models which can be found at our suitable UK locations. The light aircraft you’ll fly in depends on the airfield that you opt for however we’re sure you and your partner will enjoy every minute of your flying experience.

Choosing the Dragon Rapids bi-plane airliner from the 1930’s will immerse you in the luxury and nostalgia of a forgotten era. You will both enjoy comfortable window seats and experience unforgettable memories. There’s no hands-on flying with this vintage airliner though as this is not a training aircraft.


Buying an Aeroplane Experience

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Ask a pilot

Chat to Lee or Ashleigh if you need any advice or help on 01789 576010.

Choose from Several Locations

Oxfordshire (near Oxford), Devon, Warwickshire (near Stratford-upon-Avon), Wales (Cardiff) and Duxford.

More Than Just A Gift

If you enjoy your lesson and decide to continue to learn to fly, then your first flight will count towards the hours required to gain your Private Pilot’s Licence!

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