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PPL – Private Pilot’s Licence

Gives you the right to fly any European registered aircraft around the world.

How do I get one?
Complete: 45 flying hours (10 solo hours), 9 ground exams, 150nm solo navigation flight and a test.
Once done you are qualified to fly and take up passengers in the aircraft you are rated on (trained on) … whoop well done you!

Licence, medical and holder

LAPL – Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence

Allows you to fly European registered aircraft in Europe.

How do I get one?
LAPL requires 30 flying hours (6 solo hours), 9 ground exams, 80nm solo navigation and a test.  10 solo hours post-test to enable you to take up passengers.

Both PPL and LAPL allow you to fly most single-engine aircraft such as Cessna 152 & 172 and the Piper Warrior, as well as take up passengers so you can share your flying time with friends.

Which Licence do I go for?

It really depends on what you want your licence for.  If it is just for fun and taking some friends up to dance around the clouds then LAPL is perfect.  If you’re thinking of taking your aviation enthusiasm a step further into a career then PPL is the way forward.

If you are still not sure which licence to go for, you can upgrade from a LAPL to PPL any time by completing 15hrs extra, solo nav flight and a test.

Looking for a training organisation?

Go with our very own Lee at his flying school MotorGlide located North Oxford!


How do I maintain my licence?

PPL – valid for 2 years and complete 12hrs within the 2nd year.
LAPL – complete 12hrs of flying with 1 hour with an instructor within 2 years.

What medical do I need?

For a PPL you need a Class 2 medical:
under 40 valid 5 years
Over 40 valid 2 years
Over 50 valid 1 year

For a LAPL you need a LAPL Medical:
under 40 valid 5 years
Over 40 valid 2 years

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