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UK Flying Lessons

If you’re planning on flying lessons and acquiring a pilot’s license, then it’s worth your time and effort to be aware of the flight school costs. There are multiple variables in acquiring a Private Pilot License in the UK. Given below is a breakdown of how the expenses you can expect to incur in learning how to fly a plane.

Type of Flying Lessons

The types of flying lessons available in the UK vary with the licenses desired.

Flight training for the National Private Pilot License (NPPL) can be obtained from flight schools across the UK. Qualified PPL flight trainers instruct students. At least 25 hours of flying time must be clocked for microlight aircraft and 32 hours for light aircraft. The learner must clock a specified number of hours flying solo. The flying lessons include two practical tests. The student must clear seven theory exams that are based on the same curriculum as the PPL.

A Part FCL Private Pilot License (PPL) requires that the applicant be at least 17 years old. The license is awarded to those who complete nine written theory tests, 45 hours of flying training that includes ten hours of solo flying, and five hours of solo cross-country flying with one solo flight. This flight must be of at least 150 miles and log in two full-stop landings at different airfields.

Other licenses for which flying lessons are available include LAPL, CPL, and ATPL.

Average Flying Lesson Costs – PPL Costs

Several factors influence the costs of acquiring a Private Pilot License in the UK.

The cost of aircraft per hour varies with the type of aircraft used for training. These include Cessna 152, Piper Warrior PA-28-151, Piper Cherokee PA-28-181, etc. The instructor’s fee is added to the cost of the aircraft.

The total cost is usually between £8,000 and £11,000 (inclusive VAT).

The cost breakup includes an initial deposit, a one-time installment, or may offer a pay-as-you-go option. The payment schedule is usually made available at the time of booking the course.

The fees charged include airport fees, air travel to the training areas, return transfer, license issuance, uniform, PPL theory, and exam.
The student may incur additional costs, such as accommodation, flight training equipment, English language test (where applicable), Class 1 medical, CAA flight test and license application fees, daily transport cost, food, and personal living, food and personal living, personal travel, and insurances.

Common Flying Questions


How much does it cost to learn to fly in the UK?

The cost of flying lesson types in the UK varies with the type of license you want to acquire, whether for a personal license for leisure flying or a professional license meant for remunerative skills.

It is worth noting that flying schools structure their fees in two different manners. One way considers the time from when the aircraft’s engine starts to when it shuts off, including the time to taxi the plane. Some schools charge by the tachometer; cruising planes with the engine clocking lower RPMs will attract lower rates. A plane running full throttle with the engine running at a higher RPM will attract higher charges. The variable rates can result in fluctuations that must be considered when budgeting for flying lessons.

Is it expensive to take flying lessons?

Flying lessons can be obtained for around £10,000. However, the costs can be significantly higher depending upon the reputation of the flight school and costs that may vary with the airfield. These include landing fees, hourly aircraft hire rates, location, etc.

The time taken by a student to complete the course can add to the total cost. While a minimum of 45 hours of flying is required for a PPL license, some students may opt to fly longer to obtain a degree of expertise, or simply because they’re beginning to enjoy flying.

How expensive is it to get your pilot’s license?

Obtaining a pilot’s license should ideally be viewed as an investment in skills rather than an expense. Integrated flying courses that are more exhaustive cost more. Modular flying courses to obtain a pilot’s license can save the student money. Integrated courses are meant for freshers and must be completed in one go. Modular training can be done part-time.

A commercial pilot’s license can cost upward of £70,000. Personal pilot licenses are cheaper. Even though the minimum requirement for a PPL is 45 hours of flight time, the national average is between 55 and 60 hours. This can add to the expense.

What is the cheapest way to learn to fly?

The cheapest way to learn to fly requires some research and effort on your part. Find out about flying schools that charge less than the competitors. As mentioned above, the cost per hour of the plane varies with the model. Some schools ask for a lump sum payment, while others allow students to pay as they learn. Private loans and cheap credit cards can facilitate cheaper flying lessons. Flying club memberships are another way to save on the cost of flight tuitions.

Types of Flying Qualifications

Types of flying qualifications in the UK include –

  • UK National Private Pilot License (NPPL)
  • UK Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • UK Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • U.K. Part-FCL Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL)
  • U.K. Part-FCL private pilot License (PPL)
  • U.K. Part-FCL commercial pilot License (CPL)
  • U.K. Part-FCL Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Learn how much is a PPL license and other aspects that influence the choice of the best flight school for your needs in the UK. You may want to get a feel of what flying in the air is like by taking a ride on vintage airplanes or enjoying an aeroplane flying experience.