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Have you ever dreamt of learning to fly? Not those big planes that you go on holiday in but little planes, where you can take your friends up for an experience of a lifetime. We’ve got to say the Isle of Wight is always a flier’s top place to go for lunch!

Here at Air Experiences, we want as many people to experience the awesome sensation of flying!

1) First step is to know whether you like flying. 

We would strongly suggest you first go for a introductory flight experience. These are normally 30 or 60 minutes long where you get to learn a little about the aircraft, have a scenic tour around the local area and then a go at the controls to fly the plane yourself – Don’t worry your instructor will talk you through it all!
We offer flight experiences at our hand-picked nationwide locations including Cardiff, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and Devon. However, if you wish to fly with Lee or myself personally, choose our Swindon or Bicester locations.

2) You loved your flight experience and you want to learn to fly?

Take a look at our PPL Starter packages. You can purchase either a 5 or 10 hour starter pack to kick-start your training towards your PPL.  

3) What’s the syllabus for learning to fly?

The best license for the leisure pilot is the LAPL licence (Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence). This involves :

  • 30 flying hours
  • 9 Ground Exams 
  • Solo navigation flight
  • Skills Test

LAPL licence will allow you to fly in daylight and to take friends up for a flight.  Later in your flying career, you can add aerobatics and night flying.  

Want to be an Airline pilot in the future or fly bigger aeroplanes? Then we recommend training for a PPL.  
A PPL (Private Pilots Licence) is a slightly harder licence to go for where you’ll need to complete:

  • 45 flying hours 
  • 9 Ground exams 
  • Solo navigation flight (150nm distance and 2 landings at different airfields)
  • Radio licence test
  • Skills test

This license will allow you to fly in daylight and take friends up. However, with a little extra training, you’ll be able to add instrument, aerobatics and night rating.  

Not sure which licence to go for? Take a look at our comparison blog by clicking here

If you have any questions please consult our FAQ’s or contact Lee or I on 01789 576010 or info@airexperiences.co.uk.

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