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While material things may lead to an intense spike in happiness (because not even we can pretend that being gifted a new shimmering necklace won’t fill you with joy to at least some degree), research indicates that experiences lead to longer-lasting happiness.

This of course makes perfect sense; where our happiness and joy begin long before we even take part in an experience, the memorable aspect of the adventure leads us to reminisce for years to come.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why experiences make such great gifts is the long-lasting memories they provide (which is substantially greater than material objects).

It’s not just us saying it – there’s a significant body of science backing up the fact that humans form richer, stronger memories tied to adventures and experiences, compared to memories attributed to material objects.

Experiences unquestionably enrich our lives – while that brand new piece of shiny jewellery might spark a burst of joy when received, it remains doubtful whether the material gifts we give will open avenues of adventure, spontaneity and a rich tapestry of memories in the same way that experiences do.

Do you have a woman in your life who loves to cook? Make her birthday memorable by gifting her a subscription to an online cooking class; there’s no dearth of excellent online baking classes, vegan cooking classes, and classes that teach you Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Thai recipes. Free your loved one from having to look up a cookbook. Digital cookbooks are easily accessible and you can cook with the audio explaining the steps. If you seek unique gift experiences for her, and she loves to cook then you won’t go wrong with this gifting idea.

A road trip with your family, especially if your husband loves long drives, is an excellent experiential gift. There’s no dearth of great road trips in the United Kingdom you can always plan one to the Lake District. Oh, how about a surfing lesson for your teen. E-vouchers for bungee jumping, plane flying instructions, and similar thrilling activities are also available for those so inclined. You can purchase these experiences online and gift the entire family a weekend of unforgettable fun.

Christmas experience gifts don’t come more unique than a gift coupon for a fitness class go to a yoga studio. The holiday season is the time when we let our guard down and the pounds pile up. Give your loved one access to the latest and trendiest qualities class in the area. It may just be that little nudge of inspiration that they need to put on their sneakers and step out to get back in shape. Boot camp, kickboxing, stretching, and Tai chi are just some of the very interesting options available.

You can give your better half-to-be one of the most unique wedding gift experiences by surprising them with a decadent manicure, pedicure, facial massage session. Do this and you just added years of bliss do your marital life. There are few better ways to pamper the woman in your life than a day at the spa. Chocolates come close and you may well want to throw in a subscription for online chocolate making master class.

London is one of the most picturesque cities in the world and offers opportunities for many Instagram-worthy clicks. A photography session in the city makes for one of the more unique gift experience ideas, especially for women who would love to have a stock of photos to share on Facebook and other sites. Its an opportunity for the recipient to check out the sights of the city and get photographed looking good. It’s an experience and one with photographs as keepsakes.

All of us have the desire to pick up skills and achieve a degree of self-actualization that makes life worthwhile. For some, it could be learning to sing and for others, it could be a lifelong ambition to learn pottery and take home a baked and glazed vase made by their own hands. You can gift learning experiences to those inclined towards art and craft. Again, there is a choice between online and offline classes. Language classes online and even apps are popular for those who wish to be able to converse in Italian, French, Hindi, Chinese, etc. The next time the recipient of such thoughtful and unique gift experiences the UK sets foot on foreign soil and is able to converse intelligently, he or she is bound to thank you for the experience.

What’s the birthday boy or girl’s favourite tipple? It could be anything, doesn’t really matter because a visit to the Guinness factory tour is indeed one of the unique gifting experiences in Ireland for couples, men, and women.

The Silent Pool distillery in the Surrey hills known for its premium craft gin offers tours that are extremely popular. Does the local brewery in your area offer tours? A few hours spent learning about the fascinating craft of beer making will surely resonate in the memories of the ones that choose to make the effort. It’s an unusual experience that you can gift any time of the year, for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas.

Every family has that one member who’s a green thumb, and if you know who that is in your family then you may consider a gift coupon to a gardening class; it could be online or offline. Oftentimes, our friends or relatives talk wistfully about petunias, laburnums, and roses but bemoan a lack of skill as the reason for letting the front yard go to seed. Give them the gift of a potentially thriving garden and the knowledge to maintain potted plants and succulents indoors.