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A stag party is also known as a stag night, bachelor’s party or stag do. Through it, men ready to be married can live their last night as bachelors and indulge in all the merrymaking that bachelorhood entails. This usually takes place in the evening or the weekend before the wedding. 

Bachelor and stag parties are quite similar in appearance and experience. 

When the guys at stag parties go out drinking in the UK, it’s not unusual for them to dress alike. They’ll chant and sing as they make their way through various bars. The gang will attempt to humiliate the groom by dressing him goofy or even playing practical jokes on him. At stag parties, relatives of the stag and even his prospective in-laws may be present.

Stag Do Ideas

The sheer number of options in things to do on a stag weekend in the UK or even abroad might be a bit intimidating. Given that it is the groom’s special weekend, we advise you to consider his interests while organizing the stag. Before making any preparations, you may always have a conversation with the prospective groom to find out what he expects from the weekend.

If you, the groom, are organizing the stag weekend by yourself, you probably have a notion of what you want to do. Additionally, you’ll probably have a decent idea of the kind of weekend the other group members will like. We advise initiating a group conversation and offering some recommendations if you’re uncertain.

We know that organizing stag do activities may be challenging if there are many people in the group or you are not acquainted with everyone. Icebreaker games are a delightful way to introduce people to one another. Nobody is harmed by a little healthy competition. So instead of competing against one another in a Treasure Hunt, why not break up into teams? The teams might be mixed up such that individuals who have never met before must collaborate. The enjoyable trials are a terrific way to get over any apprehension at first.

Additionally, you’ll pass through several excellent bars on the route. An assault course can be a good option if the notion of an icebreaker activity appeals to you, but you’d rather do something a bit more active. This is a fantastic technique to create or reinforce the group’s relationship. Speak with your event planner if you’d want some further suggestions for these kinds of activities; they’ll be pleased to assist!

Dress fancily. You’ve probably seen pictures of stags clad in amusing and, quite honestly, some brilliant fancy dress outfits that circulate on social media. Or maybe you’ve seen a group of stags outfitted in bizarre and creative attire while on the town. There’s a consensus that wearing a fancy dress is an essential component of a stag weekend.

Go-karting is a cool idea. This traditional stag do activity can suit your bachelor party if you crave speed. Let your group’s competitiveness run wild as you compete to be proclaimed the champion. If you intended to spice things up, you might impose the “loser must purchase the first round” rule. May the strongest and swiftest guy triumph!

Visit a fantastic nightclub to round up the evening in style. Here, you may show off your finest dancing routines, have a few drinks, and toast the stag. To guarantee that the stag do is memorable, ensure you have the ideal balance of enjoyable daytime and exciting nighttime activities.

Although it seems straightforward, choosing a restaurant that can accommodate a large gathering may sometimes be challenging. To ensure that everyone at the party has enough to eat and that you are prepared for the evening, reserve a table or more in advance.

You think your aim is accurate. You now have the chance to put that notion to the test. An excellent stag do activity that the whole party may enjoy is clay pigeon shooting. It’s a terrific way to strengthen your relationships with your friends, and you could even start to compete. To look the part, don’t forget to bring your flat hat.

Top 10 Stag Do Activities

Unique Stag Do Ideas
  1. Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea – Afternoon tea for gentlemen, sir? On your stag weekend getaway, gentleman’s afternoon tea is the option for you if you’re looking for a unique experience that’s right on style. You will be utterly spoiled for choice with the selections offered in your very own, custom-crafted gentleman’s afternoon tea, which oozes absolute style and refinement. This is not your typical afternoon tea, so prepare for pies, tea, and brownies.

The ideal pastime for the gentlemanly guy. The word alone gives it away; this is a refined hobby. Any bachelor weekend should begin with a superb gentleman’s afternoon tea since it offers the ideal environment for networking before going out for your big stag party. There aren’t many formal events more significant than your stag weekend. 

  1. Camping – If noisy clubs and bars aren’t your things, your stag weekend doesn’t have to be all that. If you have the necessary abilities, you may even be able to catch your meal and cook it over a campfire. Why not go camping in the countryside or in the wild with your pals? 

Camping is the perfect activity if the typical stag night out is not your thing. There’s a lot to do when you’re out camping. You pitch a tent, cook, explore, light a fire, sing, dance, drink, swim, get tired, and sleep. Camping is a great way to hone your man skills such as jungle survival, woodworking, getting a fire started, fishing, and making the most of the time while there’s still daylight. Camping trips are led by professionals who keep things lighthearted and fun. Nothing beats unwinding with a few drinks after a hard day of activity in the outdoors.

  1. Fishing – Plan a laid-back activity for the day if you are going out for a big night on your stag do. You might say that learning to fish is the lull before the storm since you’ll be sitting on the waves with your friends and hope to snag a huge catch while enjoying a few drinks.

If this sounds similar, you should put your money where your mouth is and select fishing for your stag weekend activity if you want something calm, laid-back, and enjoyable.

Where you travel will determine the kind of fish you may catch, and if you decide to try your luck at sea, you could capture a mermaid or even a siren. Fishing is not only for lonesome old guys who like hiding out by a pond. It’s a terrific way to spend the day laughing with old friends while the beer flows and there’s not much going on at the other end of the line.

  1. Golf – In what other sport do you yell terms like “bogey,” “birdie,” and “eagle”? Golf, you guessed it. Those of you who participate can attest that it can alternately be the most gratifying and frustrating sport ever. A fantastic stag party activity, especially for those seeking more peace and quiet.

In the wrong hands, golf can destroy relationships, eat adult men, and spew them out, screaming like infants. It can also turn into an addiction. Putting all of that aside, it is a fantastic stag party activity, especially for those looking for something a bit more laid back. If you’ve never played, why not pick up the sport over your stag weekend, develop a passion for it once you get home, and watch your better half become envious of all the time you spend striking a ball with a club?

I can hear you crying, “How can anybody be envious of that?” Let me tell you a little secret: golf is that other lady, that hidden lover. Please bear with me; it makes sense. Why else would you dress well in a pair of sharp pants, brand-new shoes, and a collared shirt only to stroll around a park? Consider it.

Golf is an excellent option for an athletic day before stag evenings. Swing it like Tiger outside with your buddies.

  1. Quad Bikes – ATVs, sometimes known as quad bikes, are just as difficult to learn while being more stable than their motorcycle equivalents. Therefore, a quad-riding stag weekend activity is definitely for you if you love speed and exciting but challenging courses or tracks. When you arrive, a competent teacher will give you a thorough lecture on the guidelines, safety precautions, and quad bike methods. After being outfitted with goggles, helmets, and waterproof clothes, you will learn how to operate your quad bike. Once the fundamentals are in order and the need for speed takes over, you may open the throttle and satisfy your want for speed. The courses will get more challenging… and more fun—as your confidence increases.

Paintball and quad biking are among the most often demanded stag do activities since they frequently occur in wooded areas. As a result, you can frequently locate both of them at the same location. As a result, you may go quad biking in the morning, have lunch, and then play paintball in the afternoon. If you bundle the two activities on the same day, you can, in certain situations, also be eligible for a lower fee for both.

  1. Amusement Parks – Everybody wants to visit a theme park for the day, and surely when on their stag weekend? If you like rides, be ready to have a memorable day, whether you want to ride the same rollercoaster ten times or try to ride every ride in the park in one day. Whatever happens, we’re confident you’ll have a fantastic day preparing you well for a night out on the town. Consider doing all of the loop de loop rides before you have lunch.

Everywhere you turn at amusement parks, there is enjoyment to be had. Rides on rollercoasters, log flumes and grab machines at arcades with improbable payouts. The men from the boys are distinguished by being flipped upside down and having to deal with a hangover on a Saturday morning. Therefore, if you like the thought of playing the role of a child for the day, this activity is for you! Just be careful not to throw up on the stag before returning home; that would be an extreme prank, guys.

  1. Airsoft – There are both indoor and outdoor locations, similar to paintball. These may largely depend on where you make your reservation. Still, we heartily endorse the European ones for their setting—some are held on former army bases, which significantly enhances the game’s ambiance.

The location often provides airsoft weapons and pellets, and safety equipment. You’ll be racing about and probably cowering behind shields to dodge high-flying pain pellets, so we advise dressing comfortably and wearing shoes you don’t mind getting filthy. You will often have in-game goals to accomplish, such as capturing the flag and infiltrating the opposing base. However, the game’s objective is relatively straightforward: avoid being shot. Because if you are, you must walk away from that round while raising your hands to the heavens.

Additionally, be sure to pay attention to the safety and instruction briefing before each game since we don’t want anybody to get (really) harmed! Not that anything about airsoft is extremely harmful! After all, the main goals of this exercise are enjoyment, teamwork, and, of course, accurate shooting.

  1. Boat Parties – Stags, in our extensive experience, seek more than just a typical night out. And that’s precisely why people love boat parties; the fun starts as soon as you set sail. There’s something special about drinking a few beers while floating by famous landmarks—heaven on stag weekends.

A typical go to the neighborhood bar doesn’t qualify as an “amazing night” when we speak about it. Things must become larger, bigger, and even more spectacular. And when it comes to epic, having a party while sailing beside a gorgeous horizon is up there.

These hedonistic journeys, which are favorite with stags from Britain to Spain, check off many stag do checkboxes with copious quantities of fun and even greater amounts of alcohol on board. Simply show up at the designated time to go on an amazing stag do activity that gets the party started. On your stag do, you may choose from a variety of boat parties. It may be a boat party at sunset in Ibiza or a daily sail in the center of Amsterdam. The main goal is to allow you enjoy your stag as you want to.

  1. Flight Experiences – Take to the skies, soar like the birds, and approach the clouds up close. Everyone should try flying an aeroplane, at least once, and it makes the perfect gift for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and thank-you notes.

Treat yourself or a friend to a fantastic flying lesson by selecting from the light aircraft flying experiences offered by Air Experiences.

Utilize the Air Experiences Flight Experience for three people to share your experience with the family or a group of friends. The ideal way to observe South Wales from above!

From above, you can take in the magnificent Swansea Bay, the iconic red-brick Pierhead building, and the majestic Cardiff Castle.

Your CAA-qualified pilot will meet you when you arrive for your introductory flight experience and pre-brief you on the pleasure flight. They will outline the basic aircraft controls and the areas you will fly over.

Your pilot will take to the skies and soar you over the famous local landmarks once you are buckled in your PA28, one in the front seat next to the pilot and two in the back. Take pictures and videos while you and your companions are flying.

  1. Limousines – Limos are reasonably priced and a great way to get everyone in the stag party mood. You can arrange for one to pick you up from the airport, accompany you on the bar crawl, or drive you around to the various stag do locations of your choice. By adding some bubbly and some sexy strippers to the limousine, you can liven up the experience and make it even more enjoyable. This will provide much-needed “in-car” entertainment. Since almost anything you want can now be requested to fill a limousine. Think of some ideas and call party planners to see what event planners can do for you because if you don’t ask, you won’t get. These extras may result in a higher cost.

Alternative Stag Party Ideas

Not all stag weekends are created equal. Not all of us are made of the same stuff. Think beyond the box if your friend or family member isn’t your standard stag, and you understand he’d like something a bit different.

Here are some unusual stag do ideas to help you get some inspiration and help you arrange a weekend for the guys that is as distinctive as the groom-to-be. Knowing he would want a quirky stag do and selecting activities he would adore are two separate things, so here are some suggestions.

  • Food Challenge – Do you believe you have a larger appetite than regular mortals? Now is the perfect opportunity to prove it by competing in a culinary challenge against the TV program itself! You don’t like loud music. Instead, consider a spice challenge. Both are possible; the stag must decide whether he will be able to finish it or whether he will give up like many other men before him.

Based on your choice, you may anticipate a ton of food or spice here.

  • Pub Treasure Hunt – It’s usually a good idea to participate in a pub treasure hunt on your stag do since it’s entertaining and it’s a beautiful chance to introduce yourself to new stags in the group. With this fantastic pub-themed treasure hunt, you and the guys will enjoy a pub quiz and a drinking sesh with a difference. You’ll visit interesting pubs in your chosen stag city and use the smartphone adventure app to answer questions, but the next one won’t be available until GPS confirms that you’re in the right spot! The timed tasks on the treasure hunt pose the most danger since your team will lose points if you think about and pause too long before responding to the questions. The live map and scoreboard are another useful feature that lets you know who is in the lead.
  • Zorbing – If you’re looking for a fun stag weekend activity that involves throwing yourself down a hill inside a plastic ball, look no further. You will be rolled down a hill on this stag weekend while strapped inside a ball. As you are being jostled about, this is a literally moving experience and not for the faint of heart.

You may choose to perform this alone, with another person, and with or without water. This is the stag weekend activity for you if you’re an adrenaline fanatic.

The craziest part is that you’re tied to the inside of the ball, and you can see where you’re going off course since they’re transparent.

How Do You Make a Stag Do Special?

If it’s your or your buddy’s last night of freedom, then a memorable stag do is in order. With a little due diligence in planning and execution, you should be able to enjoy a stag do with your mates. The stag should play an active role in deciding the guest list. You want everybody to have a good time. Your equation with the invitees and the choice of activities determines those who’ll be present.

Choose activities that all are inclined to participate in. Discuss the budget to avoid issues later. The duration of the trip and the locations to be covered are other considerations. Finally, a stag do is made unique by some cool surprises for the groom-to-be.

  • Who Normally Pays for a Stag Do?

Stag party etiquette demands that all those present pitch in to bear the expenses of a stag weekend. Usually, the best man gets to plan the do, and it is his responsibility to ensure that the weekend is paid for properly. However, there is no hard and fast rule to this, and depending upon how lavish the event is, the stag can also choose to foot the bill of the do.

  • What is Acceptable on a Stag Do?

The stag do is a rite of passage, and norms of acceptability have evolved over time. Today, it is acceptable to not have mobile phones at the do; have at least one drinking binge where everyone gets drunk silly; do something macho, like eat man food during the stag weekend or accept a dare; travel by road; get kitted and show solidarity; dress the stag so that he stands out; play a few pranks on the stag; and set fun punishment for any derelictions.

  • What Do They Do at a Stag Do?

The overwhelming stereotype about a stag is that the stag and his mates drink themselves into oblivion. It happens. Drinking is a staple activity. Most married men cannot remember what they did at their own stag do. So, chase your favourite tipple in moderation. A fancy dress or getting kitted is another of the de rigueur activities on a stag do. If you’re the stag, then be mentally prepared for some embarrassment because it’s your “punishment” for ditching your unmarried friends for a different way of life.