Chipmunk over Cardiff – an Introduction to Aerobatics



– Pre-flight briefing
– Qualified CAA Flight Instructor
– Your choice of duration in the aircraft
– Discussion time to answer questions on aerobatics
– Walk around and photos of the Chipmunk
– Public Liability Insurance
– Friends and family welcome to watch and take photos



Introduction to Aerobatics in a Chipmunk over Cardiff

Challenge yourself and experience the sensation of aerobatics in the classic RAF De Havilland Chipmunk!

With the upmost important pre-flight briefing gone through with your instructor, it’s time to experience the Chipmunk up close! Your instructor will guide you around the ‘Chippie’, explaining the different manoeuvres you can experience and what to expect on your flight.  Once airborne we’ll climb out over the South Wales countryside then commence the aerobatic routine. Your instructor will fly you through loop-the-loop, rolls and Barrel Roll manoeuvres.

On the way back home we’ll fly high over Cardiff City and admire South Wales from this 1940’s RAF primary aerobatic trainer before flying back into the RAF base you took off from.

Do I get a go at the controls?
YES!!  An experience is not complete until you have a go at it!
Under expert supervision, have your chance to not only get hands-on flying experience with a vintage aircraft but also choose an aerobatic trick of your liking – Don’t worry you can do as much or as little flying as you wish.  

This fantastic flight is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  See your world turn upside down as you loop and roll your way through the sky in this fabulous, nostalgic Second War aircraft.

If you have any questions please consult our FAQ’s or contact one of our team on 01789 576010 or



  • People over 6ft 6in tall and over 242lbs (110kg) may not be able to be flown, so please contact us for exact details.
  • No minimum age limitation. Children, however, must be sufficiently intellectually mature to fully understand the instructions given to them before the flight.
  •  Medical condition such as heart trouble or severe asthma are advised to consult their GP before flight.
  • Clients must be capable of entering and leaving the cockpit with assistance from only one person.

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