Gliding Winch Launch over Oxfordshire


What’s included

– Pre-flight briefing
– Qualified BGA Flight Instructor
– Launched skywards by winch
– Chance for you to fly the glider
– Discussion time to answer questions on learning to fly
– Refreshments in the clubhouse
– 2 months’ FREE membership to the club
– Public Liability Insurance
– Friends and family welcome to watch and take photos

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Gliding over Oxfordshire (Winch Launch)

The glider winch launch is one of the most dramatic and exciting ways of getting into the air, with fast acceleration and a steep angle of climb.  Once in the air it is then the most quietest and tranquil flight you will experience.  Only hear the wind whistle around the cockpit as you soar with the birds.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by your fully qualified instructor. They will take you through a short safety brief to explain and accustom you to the glider controls.  Once strapped in front of your instructor and pre-flight checks have been completed, the glider will be attached to the winch via a metal cable. On the signal, you will be pulled powerfully into the air.

At the top of the climb and detached from the cable, sit back, relax and view the Cotswolds from above as you soar through the air.
You will even have the chance to take to the controls yourself before floating back down to earth!

Not sure of the winch launch? Why not have a look at our more gentle aerotow launch?




  • Gliding is very weather dependent and cannot fly in certain conditions such as high winds, rain or fog.  Length of flight cannot be predicted, however every effort will be made to ensure you get the best out of the weather conditions. 
  • Telephone the airfield before leaving home on the day of the flight.
  • Minimum age – 12 years.
  • Minimum height of 4ft 6in.
  • Maximum weight of 16st/100kgs.
  • Height gained from a winch launch is usually less than from an aerotow launch, so the flight will be normally be shorter. Each flight duration can differ between 6 to 15 minutes. 

If you have any questions about our Gliding over Oxfordshire by Winch Launch, please consult our FAQ’s or contact one of our team on 01789 576010 or

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Number of Winches

1 Winch Launch, 2 Winch Launches