Gliding Winch Launch


What’s included

– Pre-flight briefing
– Qualified BGA Flight Instructor
– Launched skywards by winch
– Chance for you to fly the glider
– Discussion time to answer questions on learning to fly
– Refreshments in the clubhouse
– 2 months’ FREE membership to the club
– Public Liability Insurance
– Friends and family welcome to watch and take photos

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Your Experience
Have your chance to be catapulted into the air!
The glider winch launch is one of the most dramatic and exciting ways of getting into the air, with fast acceleration and a steep angle of climb.

The glider is launched into the air using a stationary ground-based winch machine that sits at the opposite end of the runway.  Once you are strapped in and your instructor has completed their pre-flight checks, the glider will be attached to the winch via a metal cable and then on signal, pulled powerfully into the air. Very similar to when you pull a kite into the air – as you pull the string, the kite climbs skyward.

The height gained from a winch launch is usually less than from an aerotow, so the flight will be normally be shorter, each flight duration can differ between 6 to 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

It’s an amazing and exhilarating introduction to gliding.



  • Gliding is very weather dependent and cannot fly in certain conditions such as high winds, rain, fog.
    We cannot predict the length of your flight, although every effort will be made to ensure you get the best and safest flight for the weather conditions. We recommend you telephone the airfield before setting out to check that the weather is suitable (phone numbers are in your voucher presentation pack).
  • Minimum age of 12 years or over and must safely fit in a parachute.
  • Minimum height of 4ft 6in.
  • Maximum weight of 16st/100kgs.

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Number of Winches

1 Winch Launch, 2 Winch Launches