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RAF Bulldog Flight Experience – Flying Lesson over London



– Pre-flight briefing
– Qualified CAA Pilot
– Your choice of duration in the aircraft
– Discussion time to answer questions on aerobatics
– Walk around and photos of the Bulldog
– Public Liability Insurance
– Friends and family welcome to watch and take photos


RAF Bulldog Flight Experiences – Flying Lesson over London.

Offering Flight Training and Trial Lessons- flying the RAF Bulldog over Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Discover a unique flight experience over London.

This unique flight experience is one of the best vintage experiences we currently offer and you’ll have a unique opportunity to experience one of the prestigious RAF bulldog planes.

Enjoy an introductory flying lesson over South London. Have the chance to sightsee the Sussex & Kent countryside and famous local landmarks.

In this hands-on flying experience, you’ll first be pre-briefed on your flight and how the aircraft controls work.  Your pilot will then walk you around the aircraft and show you how the cockpit is laid out. Once strapped in next to your pilot, you are ready to taxi out onto the runway to take flight.  Your pilot will safely climb you into the air where you can sightsee around and start getting hands-on with the controls before returning back to earth.
Don’t worry, you can take as much control as you would like or sit back and let your pilot do all the work whilst you enjoy the views!

RedHill Airfield (South London)

If you have any questions please consult our FAQ’s or contact one of our team on 01789 576010 or info@airexperiences.co.uk


  • People over 6ft 6in tall and over 242lbs (110kg) may not be able to be flown, so please contact us for exact details.
  • No minimum age limitation. Children, however, must be sufficiently intellectually mature to fully understand the instructions given to them before the flight.
  •  Medical condition such as heart trouble or severe asthma are advised to consult their GP before flight.
  • Clients must be capable of entering and leaving the cockpit with assistance from only one person.

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