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Gliding Experiences

Gliding allows you to soar with the birds, without the noise you’d get from a powered aircraft (so you don’t need to wear a headset). Not onlywill our gliding experiences allow you to take in the breathtaking views across the UK including Devon, but you will also get to try out the controls for yourself. It’s a great experience for anyone at any time of the year, but at its best in the summer months, when thermals (rising columns of warm air) are plentiful and give you a longer flight.

We offer winch launch and aerotow gliding experiences, as well as mini courses, so browse our gliding experiences below to find the perfect voucher for you or a friend.

How to buy

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Choose from Three Locations

Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Devon


More Than Just A Gift

Your first flight will count towards the training time needed to be able to fly solo.

FREE 3 month's membership

Get three months’ FREE temporary membership, and work towards your gliding licence at club rates!