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Following the interest we received in our post on Wellesbourne Airfield, we have another airfield in the spotlight this week. This time, we’re looking at Netherthorpe Airfield in Nottinghamshire. A stone’s throw from Worksop, near Sheffield, it’s a great base from which to take to the skies and see the East Midlands from the air.

Like many of the UK’s airfields, Netherthorpe was used during the Second World War, though it actually dates back to the First World War. Among the aircraft to have seen service here during the Second World War is the Westland Lysander, which was known for its excellent performance at landing in short airstrips. It was this quality that made it perfect for picking up spies from behind enemy lines. Indeed, many secret missions of this nature were carried out from Netherthorpe during the war. Here’s a photo we took of a Westland Lysander at the Shuttleworth Collection.


According to Wikipedia, one of Netherthorpe’s two grass runways is the shortest licensed runway in the UK, so it’s just as well that the Lysander was chosen. Here’s an aerial view courtesy of Google Maps.

These days, the airfield is home to around forty light aircraft and two flying clubs. So what can you see from the air if you fly from Netherthorpe Airfield? Well, it’s close to Sheffield, right near the border of South Yorkshire, as well as being close to Derbyshire with its stunning Peak District National Park. If you’re hoping to fly over the Peak District, ask your instructor on the day, as it should be possible on longer flights.

You can fly from Netherthorpe Airfield with Air Experiences – just go to our Light Aircraft page and choose a flying lesson. If you enjoy your flight so much that you want to get a Private Pilot’s Licence, all the flying time from your trial lesson will count towards the hours needed to get your PPL!

Peak District image from Wikimedia Commons.