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VINTAGE Flight Experiences 

Vintage Aeroplane Flying Experience

Take a step back in aviation history and experience flight as our grandfathers might have experienced it: in an original 1920s Tiger Moth, Chipmunk, Dragon Rapide or Boeing Stearman, with our vintage aeroplane flying experiences. 

Our incredible vintage aircraft flying experiences see you hearing the classic rumble of the Stearman radial engine or the purr of the Chipmunks Gypsie Major engine.  Take to the skies in an original vintage bi-plane and even get a chance to take the controls yourself.  If you’re after a bit of adventure you have come to the right place, you could even do some aerobatics!

Browse our vintage aircraft experiences below and find the perfect gift for that extra-special occasion.

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Fly in these stunning aircraft from our Bicester airfield, South Oxford airfield and Duxford location

Flight Durations

Choose a flight time to suit your budget


If you’re in South Wales, Cardiff Airport provides the perfect space for your first flying lesson or experience. If you’re interested in a Cardiff flying experience, check out our range of light aircraft flight lessons!


If you fancy seeing the stunning Devon countryside from above, take a look at our Devon motor-glider experience. A motor-glider is a cross between an aeroplane and a glider. It looks like a regular aeroplane, but the long wings mean you can switch the engine off and gracefully soar through the sky.


Oxford, or the “City of Dreaming Spires” as it’s commonly known, provides the perfect place for a flying lesson. This world-famous, prestigious 12th-century university city is unmissable, especially from a birdseye view!

Duxford / Cambridgeshire

For the ultimate flight lesson or experience, there’s no better place than Duxford! With a wealth of history of British aviation and air combat planes dating back to World War I, Duxford is not to be missed!
How does flying a vintage aircraft compare to flying a modern aircraft in terms of safety, handling, and performance?

Vintage aircraft may not have the same level of technology and safety features as modern aircraft, but they are well-maintained and operated by experienced pilots. The handling and performance can also be different, as vintage aircraft may have different control systems and require more skill to fly.

What are the most popular vintage aircraft used for flight experiences, and what are their unique features?
The most popular vintage aircraft used for flight experiences include the Tiger Moth, Harvard, and the Bulldog. Each aircraft has its own unique features, such as open cockpit, radial engine, and military history.
How is the experience of flying a vintage aircraft different from flying a modern aircraft in terms of the sights, sounds, and sensations?

Flying a vintage aircraft can be a more immersive experience with the sights, sounds and sensations of an open cockpit, the roar of a radial engine, and a slower flight.


Are there any regulations or certifications that pilots must have to fly vintage aircraft?
Pilots must have the appropriate licenses and certifications to fly vintage aircrafts, and must also complete training for the specific type of aircraft they will be flying. Vintage aircrafts are also subject to regular maintenance and inspection.