Half-Day Gliding Course


You want to do more than a single trial flight, but can’t commit to a full week off work.

Take 3-5 flights and get up to 6000ft in this half day course and above all get 3 months free membership!



Your Experience
Wanting more than one go at getting into the sky.  Do half a day gliding course and get 3-5 launches.  

Launched safely into the air by winch or aerotow, you and your instructor sitting behind you will do between 3-5 flights where you will have 6000ft worth of launches.
Along with having time to take in the stunning English countryside, you will get hands-on experience with each flight and step by step learn the skill of soaring. Weather depended catch a few thermals!

Not only learn the fundamentals of gliding but also work as a team member to safely operate an airfield whilst on the ground.

More than just a gift!
All our gliding experiences include three months’ FREE membership of the club you fly at. So if you can’t wait to get back in the air, you can fly at member rates. It’s one of the cheapest forms of flight, and the gliding club will answer any questions you may have on learning to fly gliders.