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Undoubtably at Air Experiences we are asked many questions regarding types of flights and what will happen on the day of your flight.  We do have quite a few people phoning us up asking if they are going to be flying by themselves.
Even though its many peoples dream to fly solo, your first flight will be accompanied by a fully qualified pilot, enabling you to have a safe fantastic experience.

flying instructor and student

Can I fly with a friend?

There is nothing better than sharing your flying experience with a loved one, being able to take to the skies and see their faces light up.  Taking a flight for 2 allows you and your loved one to take to the skies in a four-seat aircraft like a Cessna 172, with one in the front next to the pilot and the other as an observer sitting in the rear seats.  Once your fully qualified pilot has launched you both safely into the air, you will have the chance to do some hands on flying whilst flying over the rolling countryside and local landmarks.

What will happen on the day of my first flight?

On arrival at the airfield you will be greeted by your instructor and given a pre-brief on your flight and the controls of the aircraft.  Once strapped in, your instructor will start the aircraft and taxi you to your departure point (here you may have to be quite whilst the pilot is talking on the radio).
In the air, you will fly over features of interest, have time to take photos and above all have a try at the controls for yourself!  Back down on earth your pilot will debrief you and answer any questions you may have.

flying lesson

Do I get to fly the aircraft?

Yes, everyone sitting next to the pilot will have the chance to take the controls, you can fly as much or as little as you wish; or you can just sit back and enjoy the views and let the pilot do all the work!

What will I see on my flight?

Depending on the location you have chosen no better place to see the country than from above.
At our Cardiff location there is a whole host of sights to see from Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Castle, to the Millennium and Principality stadium for those sport fans.  If you’re visiting Cardiff following your flight, you can find some ideas on what is great to see and events that are going on from www.visitcardiff.com.

From our Oxford location, you can fly over Blenheim Palace, home to Winston Churchill, the classic Hook Norton Brewery and houses of the rich and famous such as Jeremy Clarkson and David Beckham.

Why not see Warwick Castle and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from our Stratford location!

There is always plenty to see and ample opportunity to take photos!

Warwick Castle

Can my family watch me from the ground?

Of course, you can bring your friends and family with you. The more the merrier as they say!
At all of our locations there is an area where your family can watch you take to the skies, then keep warm with a tea or coffee until you return to earth.

So cameras at the ready….