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Scared of flying? Don’t worry you are not alone. Around 25% of people are scared of flying, but why?

Having a fear of flying can be caused by a number of factors. Many people say they’re scared because they suffer from claustrophobia or have a fear of heights or falling. Others say because of terrorist hijacking or the plane malfunctioning and crashing.
Even though these fears can be irrational, for some people their anxiety is so severe they can’t even go on a family holiday by air!

Here at Air Experiences, we love flying and would love to help people feel more comfortable and confident around planes and the thought of flying. Our goal is to help those conquer their fear of flying or at least reduce their anxiety and fly with confidence.

Scared of flying course

As a fearful flyer it might be a good idea to enrolling on a ‘Scared of Flying’ Course, however they can cost hundreds of pounds!
Alternatively, for less that £100, you can take a flight with one of our experienced instructors.

Benefits of flying with Air Experiences

  • Chat on a 1-on-1 basis with one of our highly qualified and experienced pilots.
  • Familiarise yourself with the plane – On-board your pilot will explain everything in the cockpit, the different instruments and gauges and how a pilot uses them.
  • You don’t have to fly! – Your pilot can simply take you for a drive around the airfield in the plane. That way you can experience how our planes start and manoeuvre around.
  • Getting airborne – We’ll talk you through every stage, what noises you will hear, what you will feel and expect.
  • Ask questions – We encourage it!
  • You can drive the plane! – Yes, you can even have a go at the controls if you wish.
  • Bring friends and family along to join you.

Can I go for a flight if I feel brave enough?

Absolutely! we encourage everyone to go for a flight as long as you feel comfortable. Our pilots will talk you through everything that will happen and if at any stage you feel you want to go back to the airfield just say.

If you are interested in taking a flight or have any questions please contact Lee or Ashleigh on 01789 576010 or email us at info@airexperiences.co.uk.