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Pilots have a great job, and it comes with a lot of responsibilities too. They travel the world, and they’ve seen things. Pilots have the opportunity to build an enviable collection of knick-knacks, aviation memorabilia, curios, and aviation gifts from all the beautiful cities they’ve visited.

Therefore, choosing from the top aviation gifts to give to a pilot friend or family member requires some thought. Read on to learn about the thoughtful and popular presents for pilots.

Top Pilot Gifts

  1. Coasters – Coasters are always a popular gifting option for pilots and aviators. They are functional, easy to carry, and are available in aviation motifs and designs that include vintage aircraft, modern planes, etc. Pilots enjoy their cuppa in the sky. Coasters protect surfaces from stains and spills because of hot and cold beverages. Mug coasters rank high among gifts for pilots.

  2. Travel Mugs – Travel mugs are another much-appreciated gift item. Thermos flasks, travel mugs, and hip flasks featuring themes from aviation are popular with pilots. These are items that can be used every day. The range of designs with these practical gifts means that there is one for every pilot out there.

  3. Aviation Themed Glassware – This is a great way to celebrate an occasion or commemorate an event. Shot glasses, vases, wine glasses, plaques, and tumblers are just some ideas for such glassware. These items find use in every house and have sentimental value as well. Popular brands for these collectibles include Boeing Collection, Buffalo Airways, and RAF. Be it intricate designs or bold patterns, glassware with airplanes and related themes is a hit with pilots and their families.

  4. Placemats – With aviation as the central idea, Placemats are a great gift for pilots interested in the trivia and history around this industry. There are placemats available with imprints and nuggets of trivia, fighter aircraft, or iconic civilian airliners. From the iconic Lancaster heavy bomber to the Concorde supersonic plane, there are plane gifts ideas to browse through. There is undoubtedly a placemat for your pilot friend’s office or home.

  5. Storage Boxes – Tin storage boxes and containers help keep a space clear of clutter and are also attractive showpieces. Such boxes and trays with a classy aviation prints of Spitfires and Hurricanes are sure to look great on any coffee table or desk. Pilots who travel the world can store coins, keychains, cards, paperwork, soft toys, and curios that they collect.

  6. Clocks – Wall clocks and desk clocks by Trintec and Clivedon feature aircraft-themed clocks available in any aviation shop online. Art deco propeller clocks, art deco twin-engine mantle clocks, and altimeter wall clocks are just some of the designs available for enthusiastic aviators and pilots to receive from well-wishers, friends, and colleagues.

  7. Flight Simulation Controls and Software – Both rookie and experienced pilots will appreciate this gift because it helps them hone their skills. These aviation gifts have immense value because pilots can use these to clear exams, progress in their jobs, stay safe, and be better prepared to pilot aircraft in different weather conditions and situations. The software is available for specific aircraft and can be used at home for fun and learning.

  8. Toiletries – Napkins, towels, and washbags are a thoughtful gift for any pilot who has to spend a day or a night in a hotel. These personal items ensure hygiene without having to depend on supplies provided by the hotel. These are practical and affordable gifts for any occasion. The gifts feature scenes from the rich aviation history of the United Kingdom and iconic airplanes.

Aviation Memorabilia

Aviation and airline memorabilia for flying enthusiasts and pilots are more than just items for home décor. The propellers, clocks, joysticks, maps, timetables, caps, blankets, headrest covers, badges, and wings often have a history behind them. These serve to educate and inform about events that may have contributed to shaping the world we live in.

Such memorabilia is also an excellent investment. Its price invariably appreciates over time.
Models of propellers of WWI fighter aircraft are amongst the most popular aviation memorabilia sold online. Wooden propellers have served as nostalgic memorabilia for more than a century. Mechanics, pilots, and flight crew have worn propeller tiepins and badges. In continuation of the same tradition, you can buy exemplary models made of pine wood featuring authentic finish and dimensions.

Replica tin and metal wall signs with aviation-themed phrases and witticisms will surely raise a smile and a chuckle out of even hardened airmen. They make for excellent gifts because they add to the feel of any space that a pilot calls his own.

Top Gifting Questions


What to get someone who loves aviation?

Aviators can be gifted many cool things. With some thought about the individual’s personality and the usefulness of the gift item, you can present a pilot something that will always be appreciated. These gifts include glares, sextants, maps, compasses, toiletry kits, clothes, wallets, pens, and much more… with each item having an aviation theme.

What every pilot needs?

There are few aviation essentials that every pilot must have in his or her kit. These include flight bags, tablets, headsets, non-polarizing sunglasses, battery packs, and handheld radio.

What is an aviation enthusiast?

An aviation enthusiast is someone interested in the field of aviation. Also known as aviation geeks or avgeeks, aviation enthusiasts fall in love with planes and the history of aviation from an early age. They are avid collectors of aviation memorabilia, love flying, and are knowledgeable about this field.

There are many meaningful gifts that you can give. Apart from material gifts, you can also gift tickets to books, shows, and events. Book flight experiences and vintage flight experiences for aviation enthusiasts, your friends, and your family.